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RRS Rescued Bus Driver Who Got Sick While On Motion On 3rd Mainland Bridge - Photos

If not for the timely intervention of the RRS team on 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos, its either the driver of this dies without medical aid or the passengers got stranded and got robbed on the highway.

According to a tweet by the RRS, RRS officers on patrol intercepted this vehicle parked on 3rd Mainland Bridge causing traffic. They discovered the driver who was en route the South-East region, got ill in motion and parked the vehicle. We have contacted the management of his company and an ambulance.

A closer look at the driver might suggest he got drowsy on the steel, kudos has to be given to the driver who deemed it wise to park and stop the journey, other drivers may risk it and decided to drive in that state despite not feeling too well.

These are images of the driver and how the RRS men rescued him.

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