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The Truth About Nigerian New International Passport: The Truth and The Lies

Ever since the new international passport was unveiled especially the data page which some group of people claimed to have some sect of people. AutoReportNG was able to get the new international from someone who got their from the passport office and we felt we need to set the record straight.

Base on the little we know about passport designs and implementations, we noticed that passport was designed from all the cultural and ethnic tribes of Nigeria. For example, the Benin people have the ebony artifacts, the Yorubas have the Oduduwa, the Hausas/Fulani have the herdsmen, the National Assembly, the Aso Rock in Abuja and lots more.

It will be unfair to just pick a page out of the 64-page of the international passport to make an issue out of it. The passport was designed using all the cultural traditions from the 3 ethic groups in Nigeria which are Hausa, Yoruba and Igbos.

Please see more for yourself and be the judge.

- AutoReportNG

Here is what the Data Page of an American Passport looks like

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