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See The Final 3D Rendering Of All The Lagos-Ibadan Railway Terminals In 3 States

We may finally be counting down to the official commissioning of the much-awaited Lagos-Ibadan Railway. According to the latest design released by the CCECC Fuzhou Survey & Design Institute Co. Ltd which is the design arm of the CCECC responsible for designs and implementation of which AutoReportNG got an exclusive of, they did the final 3D renderings of all the 5 Railway Terminals, we are loving every bit of it. One thing that is worthy of mention is that the final renderings have some adjustments, fixings which we believed the people have complained about.

The railway project has been ongoing close to 2 years now, each day has been a giant stride with working ongoing at various sites across the 3 states. For the records, the railway will pass through 3 states which are Lagos, Ogun and Oyo State. Each state will have at least a mega rail terminal except Lagos, the terminals will be built in Ebute-Metta, Agege, Papalanto, Abeokuta and Ibadan.

According to the team, The station combines a variety of local elements: Lagos station is line side + line top type, with a total construction area of ​​11,000 square meters, and two 4 lines, inspired by the wings of the national bird black-crowned crane the posture of soaring echoes the deep forest of the ancient Osogbo forest. The lines and mottled patterns on the facade show the traditional textile charm of Nigeria. The Papalanto station is line-side flat with a total construction area of ​​1,180 square meters. Two 4 lines. With a patchwork line, it tells the daily life story with rich life, reflecting the vibrant urban form; Ibadan station is line-side flat, with a total construction area of ​​2,114 square meters, with two 4-line facades with beautiful and smooth lines. The combination of virtual and real design shows the modern and flowing architectural features of the traffic building, full of the fast-moving era.

In March, it was reported that 125km out of the 150km of this railway has been completed, we hope by now that all will be fixed with room for test run and adjustments.

These are the final renderings of the Lagos-Ibadan Railway terminals across the 3 states.

Agege Terminal

Ibadan Terminal 

Papalanto Terminal 

Abeokuta Terminal 

Ebute-Metta Terminal

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