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A Look At The Amazing Nature Pictures Of A Nigerian Photographer That Leaves You Spellbound

It's not every time we meet an amazing, creative and determined photographers. Nigeria is a home of talented photographers that are doing so well and are inspiration to the younger ones, photographers like Kelechi Amadi-Obi, TY Bello, Shola Animashaun and a lot of amazing and creative photographers who are trailing the trade and raising the game in terms of talent and getting the latest gadget though this costs a lot to get by the way. A professional Canon camera in Nigeria costs within 850,000 naira to 1.5million naira, this means the trade is not for the lazy and so every bit of shots taken counts.

Photography they say is a game of lights and creativity. For you to excel in this field, you must study the lights and be ready to make a good image out of it. The youths are doing amazing stuff in this regards, if we have to count them, we will be exhausted, they are doing wonderful works so well that even the international media is beginning to take notice of the uniqueness of our folks here.

AutoReportNG was on Twitter recently and we came across a young man named Adeolu. Adeolu is a Nigerian photographer that his editing, angel and lighting seem so unique than the regular we have seen in the past. We tried to go through some of his works and we are blown away. Adeolu caught our attention when he is soliciting for retweets for his works to be showcased on BET Networks but it seems the network is too busy to even notice all the retweets. We got across to him to seek his permission to use some of his images for this post which he gladly did.

One interesting area Deolu seems to focus on is nature, 80% of his works are base on nature- the waters, oceans, sky and lots more, don't let us bore you, you be the judge!

These are some of his works which may interest you.


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