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Many Times The LRU Team Pull Of Fallen Containers Off Lagos Roads - Photos

If you ask any Lagos driver what gives him concern on the road apart from traffic, I am sure he will mention the tanker drivers and the containers which spread across the state.

Many times the LASEMA Response Unit (LRU) has demonstrated to us countless time that they are capable of saving lives and responding to an emergency on time across Lagos. The LRU over the weekend engaged in a series of emergency works across the state, for example, Ojuelegba bridge is notorious for trailers and how containers use to fall from the bridge which most causes injuries and loss of lives. Last week is not an exception as the LRU was on a recovery operation of a fallen container at Ojuelegba Bridge inward Fadeyi.

Also, the LASEMA Response Unit on a recovery operation at Kara Bridge and Ijora Olopa Bridge as a fully loaded container fell... These few images say a lot how these men battle for the lives of our road and to keep Lagos going.

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