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Update On The 4.5billion Naira Dangi Underpass In Kano - Photos

For those who live, work and do business in Kano State, you must have heard of the Dangi Underpass. The Dangi Underpass is a project of the Kano State Government to make transportation easier for citizens in the state.

The underpass is said to cost about 4.5billion naira and its meant to have been completed since last year October according to a press release by Dawisu, the S.A. Media but we are not sure what is keeping the construction company from delivering as planned.

From what is being obtained, the launching pre-cast beams at the flyover is 100% completed, the Launching of the pre-cast beam at the mid-span section of the flyover bridge is underway.

Also, the customized parapets specifically designed for this project are being anchored to the flyover deck.

These are some of the images from the construction site...

The Prototype

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