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Lastest Update from Dangote Refinery, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos (Photos and Videos)

Talk of a man who sees opportunity in strange and dangerous places in Africa, the name Dangote may be within the first 10. Dangote, the richest man in Africa is leaving no stones unturned in making sure that the Dangote Refinery comes to actualization and this time, very soon. Dangote is known as a guru in household items like sugar, salt, cement, noodles and lots more. This time, the billionaire is spreading his tentacles to oil and gas.

While there have been mixed feelings in the sector over the actualization of this dream and if this refinery won't be delay due to the Nigerian factor, the Executive Director Devakumar Edwin, who oversees the project, described the suggestion that the refinery is unlikely to start production until 2022 as the product of “someone’s wild imagination”.

“Ninety-five percent of engineering has been completed, 90 percent of procurement has been completed.” “We started civil works in July last year and we have scheduled 2-1/2 years for mechanical completion,” he said, referring to the point where a plant is ready to be handed over for commissioning.

Aliko Dangote himself had said he hoped to finish building the refinery, which will cost between $12-14 billion in 2019 and to start production in early 2020.

AutoReportNG got some exclusive images and videos from the construction sites and we noticed some giant construction ongoing at the site, they are so massive that ordinary cameras either phone or traditional ones cannot capture its magnificent except drones. It will be a miracle if National Geographic didn't feature this on its documentary channel. Base on the images, we saw that the Temp. Pier & Underwater Pipe Lines Construction is underway about reaching its conclusion, we also a gigantic distillation component. It is learned that the component is one of the biggest in the world as the refinery is billed to start producing petroleum and allied products later this year.

The 650,000 barrel per day (bpd) refinery near Lagos, is Africa’s biggest and is expected to turn Nigeria from an importer of refined products into an exporter, transforming global trade patterns.

These are images and videos AutoReportNG got for you.

A well-detailed video of the work done so far...

Video of the gigantic distillation component

Satellite images of the Refinery

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