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Lagos-Ibadan Railway: This Is The True Story - TrackaNG

The election period is a time to canvass for votes. This is the period politicians will promise heaven and earth to earn votes. Some go as far as plaiting hair, washing plates, some even go as far as being the friends of the masses by eating and drinking with them. Anything to retain and gather votes, the tricks are found with politicians.

Election time is over, we have the winners and we have the losers. One thing the federal government used to campaign for votes for the re-election of Pres. Buhari is the completion and activation of the Lagos-Ibadan Railway. But there seem to be some rumours that since the election has been won, it seems the federal government has abandoned the project since it has been used for the campaign.

TrackaNG, Nigeria's number one platform that holds government accountable for projects and accountability decided to see things for itself by visiting the Abeokuta axis to give a first hand reportage of the true nature... According to TrackaNG,

We tracked the construction of Lagos Ibadan railway project and report that work is ongoing during the time of field visit to the project site.

This ends the allegations of whether the conductors have abandoned the project or not. It will be recalled that the ministry of transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi has mandated Nigerians to go to any site the federal government is working and take pictures and upload it to their various social media, according to him, this will help to check whether they are lying or working.

These are some of the images they took... Courtesy of TrackaNG

Well, AutoReportNG has some more images for you from our archives, these images were taken before election period...

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