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An Evening At The TBS BRT Terminus - A Review

All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy. The political terrain in this country is enough to give someone a high blood pressure so therefore, man must have time to relax, reflect and restrategize at some moment in time.

After the week's tedious work and after a glorious service on Sunday, I and some friends decide to unwind and have some photo sessions, my main bus stop is the TBS BRT park where I can take a bus to my location but something came up, the appointment has been canceled. Having come from a far distance, I need to relax a bit before going home. I look around and it seems I am in a love zone.

Ever since we did our first review of the TBS BRT Park, I have not been chanced to notice to visit this edifice safe for today, nothing has changed just that the management deserves some accolades for keeping the place tidy, neat and cozy for relaxation.

I met some couples chilling and I was thinking, Lagosians are very sharp, they don turn BRT Park to toasting place, well at all at all na him bad, since I am not in hurry, I decide to join the crew but this time, I am all alone, seriously, I need a wife biko... hmmm

The TBS BRT terminus was commissioned by Lagos State Gov., Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode in March 2017 and according to him, "The whole idea is that this bus terminal that we are opening today is the beginning of the urban regeneration that will cover this axis within the next twenty-four months. Tourism will start from here and then we will join the Freedom Park from Broad Street and create a skyline walkway"

One thing we can't take out of this Terminus is the cozy nature, the serene and also the quietness if not for the buses that come and go, TBS BRT Terminus is a place you can relax base on the following reasons.

1. A Neat Environment

One thing I look out for when I am in a new location/environment is how tidy it is and I felt the management has done well in this regard except for the entrance (the main gate) which has some plastics and pure water sachets, I learnt these are due to the breeze carrying them about. The environment is well looked into and no dirt or so ever except for some water bottles that some uncles and aunties dropped on the floor when they finished they "holy toasting", apart from this, I will rate the place, 8/10 in terms of neatness

2. It is Free

For those who didn't have much and decided to unwind and you live around this area, you may decide to come and have sightseeing in this park. Its a public place and so no one is charging you for anything. All you have to do is come with your partner, that is if you have one or come with a novel or something to keep you cool, the music from the sound system is top notch too! You can listen to some classics like Lionel Richie, Sade Adu, all thanks to the operator at the sound system. So, thinking of breaking some norm without paying a kobo and see feel relax? Maybe you can chill at TBS BRT Park at weekend.

3. A Friendly Atmosphere

Its hard these days going to a public place and you won't be welcome with cigarettes, marijuana, area boys and lots more and most times you don't feel comfortable as you are not sure of your bags, phones, and some valuables! Base on little observation, the terminus is stationed in a place where there is enough security such that it has a close route with the Marina State House Army, there is a Zonal Police Station office which is close by, all these help to put the security of lives and properties in check! Since its a public place, no area boys, alcohol or marijuana are allowed into the edifice.

4. Free Wifi

Imagine being at a park where you can browse for free! The Lagos State Government recently launches free wifi in all its BRT buses and bus stations of which TBS Terminus is a recipient. As you and madam are gisting and doing the love thing, you can as well surf the net for free! (I can't say if the free wifi is still on or it has been stopped, I went there with my personal mifi).

5. A Comfortable Sitting Arrangement

The terminus used to have a plastic sitting arrangement as seen in stadiums but they noticed they get easily damaged, the slabs have been replaced with comfortable planks to accommodate more people. If heavens smile on you, you may see your wife in this place, be kind enough to invite us if you want to wed...

Going to this terminus depends on you and for those who love to experience something new, fresh and those who love the park life. So far, the TBS BRT Terminus seems to be the well-maintained terminus in Lagos State! All the lightings are still working which is something rare to see in government own properties.

We will be back to give fresh perspectives on our findings, this is just for a weekend at the TBS BRT Terminus.

- AutoReportNG

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