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See How This Airline Surprise Travelers On Christmas Day - Photos

While the Nigerian Airlines are treating their customers here as beggars and those that are not among their priority, those in the Western world are stepping up their games in making sure they give their flyers a unique and exciting experience.

The Alaska Airlines decided to go outside the norm and decide to give their flyers a customized sweater and T-Shirt each. Its snowing in most parts of Europe, America and other parts of the world and so the management decided to gift the flyers a sweater each to celebrate the Ugly Sweater Day/Christmas and Also to thank their loyal customers over the year.

It was earlier reported that the Abuja International Airport chased travelers out of its lobby and forced them to sleep on the roadside. Talk of a country and company that take its customers as a mini-god.

See more pictures below..

Watch the video below...

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