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Live Pictures From Lagos-Ibadan Railway Construction Site

Earlier today, the minister of transportation, Rt Hon. Rotimi Amaechi was quoted to say that Nigerians should not just sit to read about constructions site alone, he advised Nigerians to go to the site, take pictures and see things for their selves.

According to him, “In a couple of months, Lagos Ibadan Railway will take off, it will only take you 50 minutes to travel from Ibadan to Lagos and with so much comfort. You can live in Ibadan and work in Lagos or vice versa…”

Well, as a responsible media organization who believe some much in fairness, we decided to link up with an engineer who is part of this project to get us some onsite pictures.

Nigeria had signed a contract with the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation for the construction of the Ibadan to Kaduna rail project, and the minister stated that the government was pushing hard to secure about $6.7bn loan for the project.

Amaechi said, “We’ve signed the contract but we’ve not got the loan. What is key is the loan, which is a bit difficult but we are pushing hard. If we get the loan, then they (CCECC) will start this year, because we are pushing hard. Honestly, it is one of the items I’m putting before the President for consideration.”
AutoReportNG was able to get some real-life pictures.

Mahmud Isma

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