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See The Bad Road That Was Abandoned For Years in Ijora-Badia, Lagos

One of the late Afrobeat Mastero, Fela Anikulapo says One a Monday morning, Lagos won't take any form of nonsense. This is evident in such that Lagos is a 24-hour mega city with demands to meet up with its mega city status and also to see that the city has and maintain its amenities.

When you thought you have seen it all in Lagos from the bad, worse to the worst of roads, new ones keep popping up. AutoReportNG was at Apapa Iganmu LCDA, the LCDA was under Apapa Local Govt. The LCDA covers area like Orile, Amukoko, Ijora-Badia, Ijora Oloye among others. What caught our team's attention was the bad and motorable roads in this area.

The Obale Road used to be a major road that connects people from Badia to Orile in less than 7-10mins. During the hay days of the road, the road serves majorly as option B when Gaskiya Road has been blocked maybe by accident, trailers, Obale Road is where you can pass as plan B.

While we give kudos to the LCDA for constructing the highway from Orile Bus-Stop up to Roundabout axis all through Ekum College within those areas but we realized that the major and inner roads were abandoned.  For example, we tour the Obale Road right from Roundabout Bustop and we pass through Makanjuola and then to some roads leading through Obale Road, we can't remember all the names as we are not familiar with the locality but its rather appalling that even the bridge has gone so bad that it has become a threat to the motorists. We observed that a section of the road was done from Roundabout Bus-Stop passing through Obale Road leading to the bridge but the construction stopped mid-way before getting to the bridge.

We try to ask the people around for how long the road has been abandoned and we are told for almost 2 years as there is no sign of tractors, or any work going on in this area. It is also worthy of note that due to the bad roads which make the road unmotorable, the road has been abandoned as we are told that cars, Okada and Keke Napep no go through Gaskiya College before they can maneuver else the car that tried to pass through that road is a goner. According to our source, Obale Road has been bad for almost 5 years now, though sometimes the LGA will come and fill it with broken blocks but it has degenerated so bad that even blocks can't hold the effect again.

Practically all the roads in Badia are more like a death trap save for the newly constructed which was done like 2 years ago, and these are roads from Orile Bus-Stop linking Roundabout and all the way to Gaskiya College Road to Ijora 7up. The inner roads are a death trap.

We call on the Lagos State Govt, The Chairman of Apapa LGA and The chairman of Apapa-Iganmu LCDA to help save this situation by constructing these roads that link to other major roads. One thing about the people in this community is that they are industrious and ready to work.

These are some of the pictures our lens can take...

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