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More Details, Pictures of the Electric Keke Napep Built By A Nigerian

Remember the story of A Nigerian man who built the Made in Nigeria electric Keke Napep? Well more facts have emerged from the designer/builder.

According to a report by AutoSage, the name of the man is Ifeanyi Nnamdi Okafor, and he is from Anambra State.

Ifeanyi was able to construct and manufacture this Keke Napep by sourcing the materials locally. Part of the material used include batteries, local welding materials, steels among others. According to reports, Ifeanyi was also planning to execute electric bike, the bike will be powered using only batteries. Mr. Ifeanyi was said to have called an electrician, welder, painter who helped to put his ideas into reality.

The tricycle is said to run at 50km/ph which is the speed limit for now; to avoid accidents on the road. Compared to the petrol-powered Keke of 56km/ph.

According to Mr. Okafor, the safety of the driver and the passenger is of utmost importance to him. He also said that he plans to take advantage of safety technology to protect the Keke from theft.

“An app will be made in order to register each tricycle, which will enable it be tracked in case of theft,” he said.

“For now, there is no commercialization,” he said. “But on Friday 27 August 2018 I will publicly announce how much it will be for sale and how it works too and how it’s being maintained.”

These are some of the pictures behind the scene...

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