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Here are some likely reasons why your car shakes

At times when you put on the ignition of a car, one notices some abnormal shaking, it gets so bad when one is on motion and you are forced to park and get the cause. Well for those who seem to be having this issues, these are some likely reasons. While this may be an educational post, we still advise the service of a professional personnel to check the vehicle.

Who hasn’t witnessed a shimmy and shaky car once in their lifetime? Almost every car owner had gone through such a situation when they so shook that they felt just like enjoying a ride in an amusement park. Besides, you might be thinking, “why does my car shake when I turn it on?” Well, there is a reason behind your car shaking every time you turn it on.

Understanding the real reasons behind such behavior of your car can save you from standing clueless in the middle of nowhere. So, in case, your car shakes when starting, it is always better to know the reasons in advance to avoid any dilemma later on.

Why does my Car shake when I turn it on? Uncovering the reasons

There are a few reasons that can lead to car shaking as soon as you turn it on. Why not explore it here.

1. Engine Plight

The next time you think that why does my car shake when I turn it on, it could be an engine problem, possibly. Issues in the engine can make the car tremble. Yes, the engine compartment can emit the tremble or the shake. Maybe it’s not getting the appropriate amount of air, spark, or fuel to run smoothly. Symptoms that can signal you about the engine issues are a jerk while accelerating the car or may run fine for a while, and then begin to shake. When this happens, either you will have to buy a new spark plug or swap out those dirty filters to install a new one.

2. Brake Issues

Have you inspected warped brake rotors recently? Well, if not, then this could be the right time to check it, in case your car shakes when starting. Even brake problems can lead to a shaking car. The rotor is silver and shiny round shaped component that one can find in the disc brake system installed vehicles. Heavy wear and tear can affect its original shape, making it appear and work inappropriately.

When it is not in shape, it will probably be mounted from the surface. The original shape of the rotors is flat, which if damaged can lead to intensified vibrations in your car. Brake rotors are compressed with the calipers and the brake pads, leading to the vibration in your car. Hence, a proper check of brake and rotors on time can help.

3. Imbalanced Car Wheels

Generally, a shaking car means there is some trouble in the tires. But, most of us don’t realize that the issue could also be on the wheels of the vehicle. Sometimes, it isn’t the tires, but the wheels that cause your car to tremble. In such case, inspect for any clay or mud stuck to the wheels, which can be reached just by turning the wheels of the car.

If those metal squares have something like dirt or mud stuck inside it, then consider it the right time to clean it to get of vibrating cars. Mud stuck there unbalances the wheels, which leads to a shaken car. So, clean the wheels from every side to maintain the balance.

We hope that you might have got the answer to your question, which was why does my car shake when I turn it on. So, why not apply these tips in advance to get rid of all these reasons behind a trembling car before it actually happens.

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