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The Transformation of SUV: A Quick Look In The Past

The SUV today has become a household name in as much as cars are concerned in Nigeria. From politicians to clergymen to celebrities even to an average Nigerian, SUV is a type of car any man wants to be seen in. Not many know the history behind this special brand of cars. A look at Lagos roads, for example, shows that 20-25% of car owners use SUV brand of cars, but not many know the story behind this great icon. AutoReportNG brings some exclusive to you...

The forever-growing SUV has a remarkable revolutionary history. We all are acquainted with the global popularity of SUV. There have been various revolutions in its style and the amalgamation of machinery under the hood from the early days of the military to modern luxurious SUV. So let’s explore together a succinct history of the SUV.

Let’s begin!

The Brief History of the SUV
The machinery inherited by the successors of SUV is efficient in different manners. This is why it has proved to be the best vehicle in every era. From its engine to interior, the transformation has befallen in every aspect.

1. The Depot Hack: Military transport

Many people believe that the first SUV was a “Depot Hack.” The purpose of depot hack is not as bizarre as it sounds. It used to transport people and luggage just like a taxi from the station. But, in the 1940s it became evident that American army stuck in the clashes rising in Europe. For that reason, US government urged a request to a lot them a robust vehicle that would carry horde and supplies. Almost 135 companies were considered but only SUV was selected. The Willys MB and Ford model made the first massive SUV for the war. In a few months, SUV became famous with the name ‘JEEP’ and numerous models were built after getting a massive popularity. Over sixty-four thousand JEEPS were manufactured for the war purpose at that time. This was the longest running car in the history of the SUV.

2. The Beginning of the Epoch

During the end of WW-II, the popularity of SUV was at its best. The company produced SUVs that a normal person can use. This was the beginning of civilian SUV. In the 1980s, British brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks created the first 4×4 Land Rover with the help of their industrial knowledge that was spacious enough to carry the bulk of things and people. Of course, Land Rover became one of the most iconic automobile in the history with derived features from the jeep.

3. Modern SUV

It was the first and biggest invention of the company. In the 1960s, it was the foremost SUV to offer V8 engine, luxurious look, and automatic transmission. Besides, the car even had an air conditioner and sunroof. The trend of modern SUV continued until the 1970s when the new version Range Rover was produced.

4. The Mainstream
SUV is forever. Today’s SUV is packed with a wide array of advanced features. High ride height, better security, huge cargo space, five to seven seats, advanced sound system, and many other facilities are the reason why inhabitants would never get enough of this amazing masterpiece.

Final Words
So helping military and army officers during the world war was the reason for manufacturing SUV. However, the high-performance and elegant designed became the reason for its popularity in the entire world. The history of the SUV is the proof that it has enhanced its feature over years and will continue to do so in the future as well.

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