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See The Futuristic Bugatti Concept Vehicle That Looks Like a Batmobile

RMNGVN Bugatti 100M is a futuristic concept vehicle inspired by Bugatti Mix. Even though there’s no description whatsoever, it is clearly to see the resemblance from the C-shaped line to the color chosen. This is like Batmobile version of Bugatti Mix model.

Designed by Romain Gauvin, a senior designer at PSA Peugeot-Citroen, RMNGVN Bugatti 100M concept vehicle is an all-electric vehicle. The battery along with its main CPU are located under the driver’ seat with a charging port on the front right. It features a holographic rear view monitor that displays anything captured by the two cameras on both sides of the body. There’s cool, thin light on the rear that makes this vehicle looks even more futuristic.

Below are some of the pictures which are released

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