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A Kenyan Builds Africa First Flying Drone Taxi - Photos and Video

Africans are intelligent, creative and smart set of people who are doing great things all over the world. Such can said for this Kenyan who developed the first passenger drone in Africa.

Morris Mbetsa, a mostly self-taught inventor, and electrical engineer has built the first passenger drone in Africa. Inspired by companies like Uber and Volocopter, Morris set out to create this prototype to show the world that the people in Africa have the brain power to develop passenger drones, and ultimately to be the first nation in the world with flying taxis.

Morris explains how the different components of the drone, such as the electronic speed controllers (ESC), custom-made aluminum and steel motors, flight software, carbon propellers and batteries work together to create a passenger drone that can be flown autonomously, remotely or by manually with a joystick.

According to Morris, The drone we see in the video is not the final product but an open prototype that provides quick access to the various wires and components so that monitoring the operating temperatures and any troubleshooting of the hardware can be performed quickly and easily. After two successful test flights and post-flight checks

When asked what he wants to achieve with this project, Morris responds by saying that he not only wants to show that the people in Africa have the brain power to take things to the next level but also that flying taxis make a lot of sense in a country like Kenya where the roads are notoriously bad and suffer from flooding. Morris envisions his passenger drone first to be used for tourist flights over and around Nairobi and later on possibly in search and rescue missions. Ultimately he would like to see his passenger drone being used like Uber with an app on your phone and at a price that makes the service available to the masses.

See more pictures and video below..

Watch the video below...

Footage Courtesy:
Kenya CitizenTV

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