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See How Fuels Are Transported In Other Countries - Photos

The Otedola Bridge fire incident has left many people in shock, while many are calling on the government to be proactive and be in charge of its duties, many are blaming the law enforcement who turn blind eyes to these killers on the road, they accused the LASTMA, FRSC of ignoring these trucks of death and always chasing after private cars. AutoReportNG did a bit of an exposee into what countries like UK, Canada and US are using.

To be sincere, it's a rare sight seeing fuel tankers on the road in the advanced country, an investigation into the UK and other countries show that fuels are transported using the rails and this makes them faster without any rancor. For those who will remember, there used be railways at Ijora-Apapa axis of NNPC depots back in the 1990s, this railway helps to decongest the roads and also our roads last longer. For people who school at Anglican Primary School, Baptist and lots of others in Marine Beach in the early 1990s will recount when railways are used to deliver petroleum products, but reserve seems to be the case as the rails are dismantled and the place is now a death trap.

The question now is when will Nigeria get it right?

When will powers that allow us to have a functional railway system to salvage all these deaths in our nation?




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