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Akwa-Ibom Stadium: A Review of Nigeria's Finest and Best Stadium So Far!!!

It is the season of World Cup and therefore AutoReportNG decided to do a reportage of some of sports edifices in Nigeria and so far the only stadium that is worthy of mention is the Akwa Ibom Stadium. The stadium is a world class 30,000 capacity stadium that is considered one of the finest stadium(s) in Africa. The inauguration was in 2014 and it was inaugurated by three heads of States – President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, John Dramani Mahama of Ghana and President Alassane Ouattara of Cote d’Ivoire.

“The stadium is a two-tiered structure and this includes a 400m-running track for athletic events and is the pilot part of Uyo Sports Park development. It sits on 36.3 hectares of land and is enclosed by a white triangular-shaped outer covering that encircles the whole stands. According to the main contractor, Julius Berger Nig PLC, the biggest challenge was the design and structural realization of the stadium shell, which consists of prefabricated triangular acrylic glass elements with randomly arranged “eye-shaped” openings.

The rectangular steel frames bearing the point-fixed acrylic glass elements, simultaneously serve as a diagonal reinforcement of the crescent-shaped steel framework.

The stadium consists of two separate structures. One is the VIP box and the other has rounded corners and a straight back. The VIP area is a straight truss system with vertical façade, straight cantilevered beams, and rectangular façade panels. The other part of the stadium structure has curved cantilevered beams and rhomboidal façade panels.

The RSTAB model of the VIP box consists of 4,610 members and the main model of the stadium includes 12,049 members. The cantilevered roof beams are tubular trusses made of steel S 355.

The ornamental façade was produced from 15 mm thick casted plates made of white plexiglass. The point-mounted plexiglass panels near the arch beams are partially cut out and together form a large mosaic. Acoustic trapezoidal sheet metal has been used as roofing.

According to Wikipedia, the stadium is said to cost about $94million and using the exchange rate in 2014 which is 150naira then we can say this stadium is built for (14.1 Billion Naira)

These are some of the pictures of the stadium

The VIPS Lounge

The Construction Works

The Beauty and Glamour

Christmas In Akwa Ibom Stadium



More Construction Works

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