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Self-Moving Suitcase Follows You Wherever You Go

That moment when you thought you have seen the weirdest in innovation and technology that's when the journey begins. We have seen autonomous cars, drones, aircrafts, and now an autonomous suitcase. I remembered showing this clip to my friend and what he said was "Radarada, they should come and try this in Naija, they will steal the bag, the owner, and the operatee". A California-based company named Travelmate Robotics which aim to ease of travelers, shoutout to all those busty ladies at the airport, God has answered your prayers, with this suitcase, traveling just got get better using the autonomous robotic technology.

According to the company..

Travelmate moves by itself both horizontally and vertically, following three to five feet behind you by tracking your smartphone location. It matches your speed accurately, going as fast as 6.75 mph.

The company says Travelmate works seamlessly in crowds and doesn’t require any extra peripherals. As an “autonomous” suitcase and robot companion, Travelmate can sense obstacles ahead and take action to avoid them. The prototype suitcase uses an infrared sensor to detect potential obstacles, but the final product scheduled to ship in June of this year is expected to use a different sensor, perhaps a camera or radar.

The suitcase is always nearby and you can turn on an alarm, just like with your car keys, if it ever gets too far away from you.

In addition, the suitcase’s battery can be used to charge your electronic devices through a USB port and a standard electrical outlet.

The carry-on suitcase complies with IATA, ICAO and FAA regulations, according to the company.

Watch the video below..

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  1. This is great. Oyibo always looking for how to make life easier while blacks prefer making life difficult. I wish I was not African.


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