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Smugglers Create 100 Illegal Routes To Beat Customs In The North - PHOTOS

While the nation is having mixed feelings about the birder closure and some are debating over the positive sides, the smugglers seem to devise a new way to beat security checkups to transport their illicit business in the northern part of Nigeria. In a report by Nigeria Tribune, it highlights that smugglers have created 100 new ways in order to beat customs check-up while some customs officials have joined them to transport their illicit goods.

Following the closure of land borders nationwide by the Federal Government, most smugglers of banned items have devised a new method to beat the security authorities.

Sunday Tribune investigation at Illela, in Illela Local Government Area of Sokoto State, a border town between Nigeria and the Niger Republic, has revealed.

Sunday Tribune learnt that more than 100 illegal routes are now being used by the smugglers to bring banned items such as rice, vegetable oil and even second-hand clothes, among others, into the country.

A security official who spoke with Sunday Tribune on condition of anonymity disclosed that the border closure had no major effects on the smugglers, saying they were making use of illegal routes.

He said: “We are here monitoring the activities of these people, but we have limited power to do much.

“Our duty is to man this border and ensure that no one crosses or passes through it, but we cannot go and monitor illegal routes which are not part of our duty,” he added.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the customs in the state, Mailafiya Magaji, referred Sunday Tribune to the National spokesman, Mr John Attah.
When contacted, Attah assured that all the illegal routes would be looked into as soon as possible.

He assured that the office of the National Security Adviser is monitoring the joint operations, which he said, were aimed at curbing all the illegal routes and stopping the importation of all the banned items into the country.

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  1. To stop or reduce smauggling of items, Govt needs to properly demarcate our borders, what we have is not internationally accepted standard of border like what is obtain in other Countries of the world.If not no amount of security agents sent to border can totally stop smuggling.


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