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See What Was Written On Kano State Chief Whip's Official Car Plate Number - Photos

When you think you have seen the weirdest spellings ever, new ones keep springing up which daunt your reasoning and ask if these people are really literate.

The number plate of Kano's State House of Assembly was sighted at a public gathering and one has to wonder who really approved such spelling to the Chief Whip of the Kano State Assembly, instead of writing "Chief Whip", "Chip Whip" was written which begs for questions like, don't the FRSC folks proofread before printing the numbers as this is nothing sort of a blunder.

The customised car plate reads chip whip in the place of the chief whip and has the symbol of a legislative mace which makes the error a blunder and an insult to our educational system.
According to Nigeria's constitution, the duty of a chief whip is to maintain the order and decorum of the House and also discipline among members of the majority party. For example, when the House is in a rowdy session, the Chief Whip of the House usually shouts the command ‘order’ usually to restore decorum and ensure the peaceful conduct of the session.


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