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See The Locally Made Car Made By A 23-Year Old Man In Abuja - Photos

Greatness they said is not by age, in fact, it's being said that youths from the tender age tend to pick up things faster. A Nigerian journalist and SSA Media to the deputy senate president, Lara Wise was at the Abuja Proudly Nigerian Nigerian Expo in Abuja where items that are made and assembled in Nigeria were displayed for partnership and for sale, she narrated how she got interested in the work of a young man called Surajo which is a 23-year-old man. According to her,  Surajo is our own James Watt and Henry Ford of the 21st Century.

The project took him two years to make this automobile, an invention that would ordinarily take him only one month if he has the funds. His greater desire at the moment is to further his education. Nigeria is truly blessed.

The most amazing thing about Suraju's invention is that the car can be started using this handphone and can stop using the same too. Another thing that's worthy of note is that Suraju's invention uses the fuel engine and can be tweaked based on the client's demand. He made an appeal to anyone who is ready to sponsor him to further his education as he is willing to learn and further his education.

She was able to interview him and also video his newly discovered car... Watch below

Watch the video below...

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