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Check Out This Latest Mitsubishi MI-TECH Hybrid SUV Concept

In the world of automobile, you can never get enough, it's such a dicey industry such that design guards their work jealousy so that their competitors won't know their next line of action. a brand that's on the watchlist is the Mitsubishi MI-TECH.

It’s compact yet an ideal companion for outdoor adventures, Mitsubishi MI-TECH is a small hybrid-electric SUV concept that promises unmatched driving pleasure and confidence on all-terrain in light and wind. It’s a concept that embodies MMC brand statement “Drive Your Ambition” through its lightweight, compact, a four-motor electric 4WD system, PHEV drivetrain, safety technologies, and advanced driver assist. All these features are jam-packed into small-sized electrified SUV.

Mi-TECH features buggy-type design, it displays the very essence of Mitsubishi-ness. You can sense it’s an electric vehicle through the light blue body colour and secondary copper colour in a motor coil motif on the grille, inner wheels, and interior. Still featuring MMC’s signature Dynamic Shield on the front design, combined with T-shaped headlights to emphasize a distinguishing outward appearance.

Mitsubishi Mi-TECH hybrid SUV is designed with highly raised overfenders, large-diameter tires that offer stability to grip a variety of terrains. The body displays sharpness with a design reminiscent of a metal ingot carved in a cutting machine. It has a side step on the carved sides to balance utility with design. The rear-end features large and bold hexagon carved from metal ingot to show off the robustness of this SUV.

The interior features futuristic design with a horizontal theme accentuated by copper lines just like instrument panel and steering wheel. There are keyboard-shaped switches, which are positioned atop a centre console within a horizontal theme. The front handgrip functions as a hand pad to make switches easy to operate. The front window shield turns into a display to present information in graphics such as terrain recognition, car behaviour, and optimal route guidance.

Mitsubishi Mi-TECH concept SUV comes with advanced driver assistance (MI-PILOT), it’s the next-generation driver assistance technology that extends support not only on freeways or roads but also on unpaved roads.


What's your take on this SUV?

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