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Truck Owners In Apapa Tincan Road Adopt Palliative Measures As Road Gone From Bad To Worse - Photos

Apapa Tincan road is one road every motorist in Apapa dread, even if you have a car, many will prefer to park somewhere and trek or take a bike so as to avoid the road because the road is a nightmare to all.

Apapa Tincan has been in the news over time this is due to the unworthiness of the road around this side. Apapa Tincan is home to Nigeria's busiest and premier port, the Apapa Tincan port. It's being estimated that the port generates billions in revenue to the coffers of the federal government but it's unfortunate that the road here is nothing to be proud about.

Early June, the federal government of Nigeria with Lagos State Government teamed up to decongest the roads the trailers park, for example, the Apapa-Wharf road, Ojuelegba, among other roads have been worked on, as good as the news is, there hasn't been 100% compliance from the tanker drivers and their owners, this we will look at some other day.

The Apapa Tincan road despite promises by the federal government is still laying fallow as tankers struggle to pass this road daily, the road is so bad that tankers fall at will, one has to be extra careful not to struggle the road with the tankers else the tank they are carrying will fall on one's car.

One of the presidential committee appointed by the federal government to ensure sanity returns to the Apapa-Tincan road is Mr Kayode Opeifa, according to him, the team are doing all within their power to make sure sanity returns to the road. A close look at roads at Tincan shows that they are death trap. Having cried to the federal government and it seems help is not forthcoming, the Council For Maritime Truck Owners Association (COMTUA) Apapa Tincan first gate decided to put some palliative measures in place by filling the potholes with concrete blocks so that the roads can be manageable at least for some time.

AutoReportNG got some images of these roads and how the truck owners are filling the potholes by themselves.

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