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See The Toyota e-Palette Vehicles That Will Be Used To Transport Athletes And The Physical Challenge At The Olympics

The 2020 Olympic game will be a game of technology, science, and Artifical Intelligence. Japan is set to show the world why it remains the tech hub of the world in terms of cars, design and futuristic cars.

One of the futuristic vehicles that Toyota announced at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 was Toyota e-Palette. The company announced that it would supply up to 20 e-Palette vehicles specially designed to support athlete mobility during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Toyota e-Palette is automated, loop-line transportation to transport athletes and related staff around Olympic and Paralympic villages. It’s a battery-operated, autonomous vehicle adapted specifically during the games based on feedback from athletes about their mobility needs in the past games.

During the development process, athletes, especially Paralympians, helped the design team to better understand how e-Palette can meet the needs for simple, convenient, and comfortable mobility. This project is not just about designing a vehicle but it also offers great opportunities for passengers to interact with each other, share new experiences, and even be moved emotionally.

This is actually not a new design, e-Palette was announced in 2018 as a service vehicle. But for Tokyo 2020 Version, e-Palette has been adapted to meet the unique needs of Olympic and Paralympic villages with large doors and electric ramps. This new design allows for all athletes to board quickly and easily. This vehicle will be controlled by an automated driving system that can operate up to 20km/h supported by an on-board safety operator.

See photos of the vehicles below... 

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