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See How You Can Book For #UberBOAT, Schedule Of Trips And Locations In Lagos

Since the launch of UberBOAT in Lagos, many have been asking about the route and how affordable it is. We have some information that you may need about this new mode of transportation.

If you need to beat traffic or be on time, simply book your trip and head out for a ride across Lagos waters.

UberBOAT will be available only on weekdays for the next 2 weeks starting from 11 to 25 October 2019.

UberBOAT will be travelling along the following routes:

Ikorodu - Falomo in the morning. (N500 per trip)

Falomo - Ikorodu in the evening. (N500 per trip)

The cruise schedule below will help you plan your trips:

Departure (From Ikorodu in the morning)
Boat 1: 7:00am
Boat 2: 8:00am

Arrival (At Falomo)
Boat 1: 7:30am
Boat 2: 8:30am

Departure (From Falomo in the evening)
Boat 1: 4:00pm
Boat 2: 5:00pm

Arrival (At Ikorodu)
Boat 1: 4:35pm
Boat 2: 5:35pm

Quick simple steps to book your boat ride:

  • Click on t.uber.com/bookuberboat to reserve a seat on the boat, bookings need to be made 24hrs ahead
  • Ensure it is your Uber signup details that is used to complete the booking
  • You will get a confirmation email and Uber riders also get a 50% discount to take a ride to and from the jetty
On the day of the trip
  • Take an UberX to your pick up Jetty (LASWA Boat Jetty, Falomo Ikoyi or Ikorodu Ferry Terminal). Quick tip – Arrive at the jetty 30mins before cruise time to settle in for your trip!
  • Open your Uber App and select UberBOAT. Quick tip – Boat view will only be available at the Jetties
  • Input either of the pickup and drop off points (LASWA Boat Jetty, Falomo Ikoyi or Ikorodu Ferry Terminal)
  • A PIN will be generated which can be used to secure your spot on the boat
  • Uber support staffers will be at the Jetties to help with Boat booking
The cruise schedule below will help you plan your trips:

 Quick tip – Boat view will only be available at the Jetties.
The waterway service, UberBOAT, is operated in partnership with local boat operator Texas Connection Ferries and the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA)

"The initiative is aimed at providing commuters with an easy and affordable way to get in and out of the city's business districts."

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