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See The First Electric Keke Napep That Was Made By A Nigeria - Photos & Video

Greatness is not restricted to race, tribe and colour, greatness abounds in all despite all challenges and trials we face as an individual, nation and as a continent. Africa is blessed with many talented folks who can turn the lemon into lemonade. Despite our challenges as a nation, despite lack of support and basic amenities from the government, many of our hard-working fellows is surely raising the bar and making sure they are a force to reckon with.

A Nigerian whose name is Kenneth Nwarache with a Twitter handle @dvoizz has unveiled his latest inventory and it is an electric tricycle. This might be the first electric tricycle to be made and constructed by a Nigerian, even though we have seen some that imported to the country from China.

According to his tweet, he tweeted, After sleepless nights of trying to fix up this it’s finally here. Very first electric tricycles in Nigeria. Charge stations are up next in a location near you. Pls RT and help spread the word.

Furthermore, he tweets, there are plans to recycle and convert already existing petrol tricycles to electric. He also reveals that the tricycle operates at 72km/hr and can cover 200km.

He also revealed that charge stations will be metered and will be made available soon but with a charge. He is also open for business talks via his DM.

According to him, he said, there are plans for vehicles like BRT, buses and cars as “Nigeria can’t be left out of this revolution.”

They also have a detailed business model for electric vehicles(charge stations) and powerwalls for home/office use.

These are pictures we are able to crop from the videos he sent across...

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