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Check Out The New, Ultra Modern Train That Will Be Used For Abuja Light Rail - Exclusive Photos

The ministry of transportation is a very important ministry that every government either state or federal hold dearly to its heart. Once the road and other forms of transportation are solved, be sure that problems of mobility have come to an end. Some few days, the minister of transportation was at CRRC head office in China where he went to inspect the trains that will be used for the Lagos-Ibadan rail and the Abuja Light railway. AutoReportNG has it on a good note that trains meant for the Abuja metropolis are already on their way to Nigeria.

We got an exclusive overview of how these trains look like. The trains will be adorned in three colours, one is the green and white, the other is blue and white and the last colour will be orange and white (that is if the colours remain unchanged)
will ply the Abuja metropolis and shuttle Abuja.

During the inspection, the minister was made to see different types of trains, models and how they work. The Abuja type of train is called DMU... A DMU train according to Wikipedia, A diesel multiple unit or DMU is a multiple-unit train powered by on-board diesel engines. A DMU requires no separate locomotive, as the engines are incorporated into one or more of the carriages.

Diesel-powered single-unit railcars are also generally classed as DMUs. Diesel-powered units may be further classified by their transmission type: diesel-electric (DEMU), diesel-mechanical (DMMU) or diesel-hydraulic (DHMU).

A train composed of DMU cars scales well, as it allows extra passenger capacity to be added at the same time as motive power. It also permits passenger capacity to be matched to demand, and for trains to be split and joined en route. It is not necessary to match the power available to the size and weight of the train, as each unit is capable of moving itself. As units are added, the power available to move the train increases by the necessary amount. DMUs may have better acceleration capabilities, with more power-driven axles, making them more suitable for routes with frequent closely spaced stops, as compared with conventional locomotive and unpowered carriage setups.

Remember, the minister of transportation, Mr Rotimi Amaechi has given the contractor Nov 30th deadline for a test run to start from Ebute-Metta in Lagos to Ibadan.

AutoReportNG got some exclusive images of these trains and the company's video graphical presentation when they are going for a test run and trial at CRRC Dalian's Factory.

The trains are expected to arrive in Nigeria before December 2019. See the photos below...

Graphical Presentation

See the video below...


  1. It's for the Abuja light rail.

  2. Enter your reply...is only for northern side that's where u can see a beautiful rail way. What about south Easthe no good road,no rail way


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