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Xenophobic Attacks: Nigerian Government Warns Against Travelling To South Africa

Due to the on-going #XenophobicAttacks ongoing in South Africa, The Federal Government of Nigeria has released a travel advisory to Nigerians traveling to South Africa. According to a statement released by the ministry of foreign affairs, it reads...

The Federal Government of Nigeria has warned Nigerians to avoid traveling to high risk and volatile areas until the situation is brought under control.

Press Release

The Federal Government of Nigeria totally condemns the renewed attacks on foreign nationals and their businesses in South Africa which has led to the loss of lives and properties worth millions of Naira.

The Government of Nigeria is engaging the relevant South African authorities via the Nigerian High Commission in Pretoria, Consulate General in Johannesburg and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja to ensure that definite measures are put in place to curtail the unfortunate attacks.

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