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See The Amazing Transformation Of This Danfo Bus As Done By A Mechanic - Photos

Every day we come across some people are simply genius in their chosen fields and they can remake anything they wish to do.

A mechanic in an African country (seems South Africa but we are not sure of this) decided to tweak our popular danfo bus. For those who are not Nigerians, danfo is a popular commercial bus in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, they come in Volkswagen buses some are popularly known as Fedeco and some other funny names best known to the drivers. The danfo bus in Lagos is a mean of transportation, they are painted in yellow colour with a black stripe across it.

Danfo buses are Lagosians last resort as they can weather any bad roads, they are timely, fast and God bless you, you come across the combining of driver and conductor that come from hell, please, remember to confess your sins as you are embarking on the journey. Danfo buses in Lagos usually come with mixed feelings, it is in this bus you encounter different sort of people, from bankers to students to market women and the lists are endless.

Imagine having a tweaked danfo bus like this in the city of Lagos where we all chill to relax and no tension whatsoever. The mechanic did a good job by changing the sitting arrangement couple with a center table for either coffee or for any other discussions.

What's your take on this?

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