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Watch The Moment Philippines Customs Crushed A 56million Naira Ferrari 360 Spider

The government of the Philippines is going hard on smuggled and undeclared cars across the country. In a post obtained by  The Philippine Star that details how a Ferrari 360 Spider was bulldozed by the customs of the Philippines.

According to reports, the Philippine government is taking a hard stance on crime, including the illegal importing of vehicles into the country. We don’t have all the info on specific rules, but apparently, fees and taxes regarding vehicle imports are rather high which made car importers to find an illegal way of importing cars into the country. In the case of this Ferrari, it was reportedly imported under the guise of being auto parts as opposed to an actual car.

The video and photos show the 360 missing its front and rear fascias as well as the doors prior to being crushed. Whether this was done as part of the auto parts declaration is unclear, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. The poor Ferrari never stood a chance against the dozer.

Officials of the Philipines Government seek to send a stict message to smugglers that their efforts will result in the destruction of their goods, but people seek to question the motivation behind all this. Once the vehicles are confiscated, the smugglers already lose. Why not auction these vehicles and actually do something good with the money earned? That will serve as a source of revenue to the government instead of destroying the cars.

A Ferrari 360 Spider is estimated to cost about $153,500 that is 56million naira.

Watch the video below...

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