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Watch How An Electric Ford F-150 Tow Over A Million Pounds Cargo

In a world where there are options for cars, where carmakers are trying to retain and have loyal customers, all are doing all they could by giving their clients amazing features and specifications.

Ford is trying to show its rabid pickup truck fans that EVs aren't just for latte-sipping Tesla pilots. In an impressive demonstration of torque, an electric F-150 prototype towed 10 double-decker rail cars stuffed with 42 current-model F-150s, weighing over a million pounds (500 tons) in total. That shows promise that it could beat Ford's current towing champ, the 2019 F-150 with a 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6, that's rated to tow 13,200 pounds (6.6 tons).

It's just a technology demo and of course there's a big difference between rated and maximum towing capacity. It does show, though, how electric motors can develop more torque than ICE engines, even at zero RPMs. There's a reason, after all, that most train locomotives are diesel-electric, with the diesel engine acting as a generator and the electric motor actually driving the train.

Ford has yet to reveal the battery capacity of the electric F-150, nor when it will hit the market.

When the F-150 EV does arrive, it will have to contend with Tesla, which is set to launch its own "cyberpunk" EV pickup pretty soon.

Watch the video below...

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