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See What A Heart Heart Broken Lover Did To His Cheating Partner Car

Nothing hurts more than when trust is broken when love turns sour and when a cheater is unremorseful despite all evidence. Things we do for love can never be quantified with mere words. A heartbroken man has taken to the micro-blogging site, Twitter to show what he did to the car he and her fiancee both bought for cheating. Going through his timeline, its obvious that the guy is depressed, heartbroken and seriously angry, according to some of his tweets, she wrote...

- My heart so heavy & hurt

- All I wanted was her & got hurt I’ll never love again

- How we buy a car & you got niggas driving it & f**king them?

- Deleting all our pictures returning these gifts, looking at these matching tattoos is the hardest ima have to do , but you did me wrong

- A year & 2 months down the drain I’ll literally never love again & No I’m not single I’m not nothing I wanna just be alone & Heal from all this man.

These are pictures of his girlfriend which he damaged.


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