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Residents Lament The Deplorable Road Conditions of Oyo-Iseyin Road, Ibadan

When you thought you have seen the worst of roads, you keep getting the shocker until you see worse along the way.

The state of Oke Ogun roads in Oyo state has been described as deplorable 

According to reports, Oke-Ogun accommodates one-third of local government in Oyo state but could not be easily reached from the state capital - 

Oseni Ibrahim Ola, a resident from Iseyin, consequently urged the state government to take the necessary steps Oseni Ibrahim Ola, a resident of Oke Ogun in Oyo state, has lamented the deplorable conditions of Oyo-Iseyin and Iseyin-Ibadan roads. 

The resident, while registering his frustration has called on the Gov. Makinde to kindly look into the road and act as fast as possible. According to him, he said, the current deplorable state of Oyo-Iseyin and Iseyin-Ibadan roads call for urgent attention and a proactive movement by the government. 

The lamentation by road users on the deplorable condition of the roads and their consequent threat should be arrested by the government.It is a shame that Oke-Ogun that accommodates one-third of local government in Oyo State could not be easily reached from the state capital. 

Oke-Ogun as popularly known for enormous food production and abundant raw materials for the state and Nigeria at large is largely suffering from the avoidable deplorable state of roads. 

It is a national tragedy that does not shock most people in a position of authority any more that scores of innocent people are killed daily in avoidable accidents on account of bad roads. 

The same poor road network has resulted in poor productivity as immeasurable man-hours are lost in traffic. The economy suffers incalculable losses as a result.

It is high time the government treated road infrastructure as a priority to enhance economic development and secure life and property.

What is more traumatic than traveling through the roads, especially, during the rainy season? Vehicles break down; heavy-duty trucks overturn or get stuck in the mud. Motorists disembark at such horrible spots to push crippled vehicles.

These pictures best explain the situation of these roads

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