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Citroën eCV Concept Car Is Undergoes A New Transformation Into Iconic Citroën 2CV

This project wants to bring back the iconic Citroën 2CV (Chevaux Vapeur) into our modern world. In 1949, Citroën introduced the 2CV, now, 70 years later, Martin Hajek re-imagines all-electric, self-driving Citroën eCV, a 21st-century make-over. Even though this is not the first attempt to bring that classic car into this century just like Citroën’s own attempt in 2007, it still leaves a lot of room for imagination.

The inspiration came to Martin Hajek when he visited Paris, it occurred to him that this French capital didn’t have really a taxi icon like a black cab of London or the iconic yellow cabs of New York. So why can’t Citroën become this icon?

With electric cars and autonomous driving becoming a common thing, there are many car manufacturers start to bring their classic designs to this century such as Smart Vision EQ ForTwo, Honda Urban EV, or Peugeot e-Legend.

Citroën’s eCV concept car replaces that traditional dashboard with a digital version, it also has smaller headlamps, and replaces side mirrors with tiny cameras. Overall, it actually looks like a cartoon car, what do you think?

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