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Check Out This First Ever Wooden Range Rover SUV Made In Kenya

In a world where there are endless possibilities to creativity and talents, Africans are gradually stepping up their game and creating a niche for themselves. While we are used to seeing cars made from steel, aluminum and other conventional materials, a Kenyan has decided to something different and unique, this time, he decided to  Range Rover Sport Utility Vehicle made from woods.

According to reports, the SUV was made in 2004 by a Kenyan. One thing that is worthy of note is that the body was well-knitted and constructed together which made it look neat, lovely and made it a beauty to behold. Both the interior and the exterior were made of wood but without a door.

It features a half-metallic chassis while the rest of the chassis is all polished Mahogany

The dashboard also features a wooden panel which juxtaposes beautifully with the white seats.

One thing worthy of note is that it is an open car and looks like a convertible Range Rover hewn from wood 100%.

The taillights are well protected by a mesh of wood while the spare wheel is stashed at the back in a beautiful wooden compartment.

It is a genius creation that is owned by a resident of Malindi.

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