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See The Pickup Truck Model M Concept Proposal for Tesla

We can never get enough of Telsa in terms of the class, design and the technology behind it.

Elon Musk says that Tesla Pickup Truck will be a real world-beater, but we still haven’t heard about specific timing when it will be released. Emre Husmen made an attempt to design a pickup truck design proposal for Tesla, Model M.

Initially, I wanted to design this pickup truck inspired by the roadster concept’s design language… on this project, I thought about applying one-piece body design (without a separate back bed), because of the battery packs. So it’s much more rigid with independent suspensions, this allows it to have much better handling and performance. So I imagined this could be the quickest and fastest truck ever when it comes out. Since it’s the fastest truck available yet, I wanted to design very sporty and dynamic exterior, behind rear windows I placed “shark fins” to make it more aerodynamic and efficient. On the lower front, rear and side protectors there are hidden folding steps to assist users to enter/exit the cabin easily, so these were my basic ideas when visualizing it.

These are images of his design and its super cool...

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