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See The Pains, Agony and Trauma Badagry Expressway Users Go Through Yesterday

This is not getting funny again, in fact, it's getting serious daily. The Badagry Expressway calls for urgent attention from both the state and the federal government. Going by the images sent across to us today by some of our readers in the early hours of today, we need to call on his Excellency, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu to look into this area as fast as he could even if it means a temporary relief, the people will ever be grateful.

Yesterday was worse as it rains all through the night and guess what the people have to pass through. The road was so bad that they have to queue a long distance about 500m before they can manage to pass and those that are in hurry have some set of people who will back them and they pay 50 naira.

This is a government that sworn to protect and be the friend of the masses, if something as simple as road construction is like a luxury to us in Lagos, so bad that both the state and federal cannot fix it that we need to cry for help. AutoReportNG got these images from the road users and we cannot but sigh as it is shameful and a disgrace to us as a nation.

Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu with his deputy visited this site last 2 weeks and they have promised that work starts immediately, the rain season is here and this place will get worse as the rain persists.

These are some of the images sent across to us...

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