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President Donald Trump's ₦465million Beast Spotted Refueling In London

President Donald Trump has bought his £1.2million 'Beast' limousine to London this week, and the heavily armed Cadillac was spotted at a BP petrol station in London which resulted in the road being blocked off by police in order for the vehicle to fill up ahead of the three-day trip.

Passers-by spotted the President's entourage and took to Twitter to post photos of the vehicle, which was surrounded by police on motorbikes and the rest of the motorcade. It is not known how big the tank is, or how much it would cost to fill.

The car was filling up for the trip, as it is expected to transport the President and his wife Melania around London during their stay, accompanied by American military personnel.

They will be going from the iconic Buckingham Palace before driving to the stunning Westminster Abbey later today.

The President's motorcade was seen blocking off the road at the weekend while pedestrians looked on at all the vehicles which had taken up the road in order for the Beast to re-fuel.

Support vehicles, as well as senior military, were thought to have been on the scene.

The Beast was pictured this afternoon arriving at Buckingham Palace, it will then take the President and Melania to Westminster Abbey later.

Donald Trump's motorcade in Park Road en route to the US Ambassador's residence in London's Regent's Park this morning.

The vehicle below is thought to be the one which carries the satellite communications system, it jams hostile radar and lasers. Also for the President to launch nuclear weapons.

Luggage and other items were seen being unloaded from Air Force One this morning by the Secret Service.

On the ground were Britain's elite anti-terror units were stalking Stansted as part of Britain's £18million security operation.

Snipers and specialist police spotters stand on the roof of the airport preparing to protect Mr. Trump on his three-day state visit.


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