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GOkada and Lagos Boats Team Up To Unveil GBoat To The Public

It's one thing to be in business and its another thing to have the vision of expansion and see where the market lies. Lagos is a cosmopolitan city, a city of 20million people struggling for virtually everything from power to roads to water, the list is endless. One of the many problems facing Lagosians is traffic. Lagos traffic is killing and one can spend hours in a journey that ought to last in minutes and this is why startup companies like MaxNG, GOkada are taking advantage of the loopholes to create their business by offering fast and affordable services using the bikes.

Nigeria's hailing motorcycle company, GOkada has said that it will be unveiling its boat business model soon to the public and this time its called GBoat. According to the tweet by the company it said, Coming to you sooner than you know! Beating the traffic and doing more with time spent in gridlocks just got more interesting. GBoat is here! Watch this space for more details on how to use this service.

Checks carried out by AutoReportNG shows that the Boat services will be powered by Lagos Boats. Lagos Boats is a private boat company which is into boat rentals for celebrities, the high-class among others. An hour boat ride with Lagos Boats is said to cost within 50,000-100,000 naira per hour.

With the collaboration of GOkada and Lagos Boats merging together to form GBoats, we can always expect the best from these parties as Lagos Boats have new and standard boats for rentals, boats that can reach their destination in few minutes with great security but we are not too sure of how the price will look like as Lagos Boats operate on the luxury scale.

It will be recalled that Jobberman‘s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ayodeji Adewunmi resigned from the company he co-founded nearly a decade ago to join Rise Capital, the parent body of GOkada recently. Adewumi is the Managing Director for Africa and has on their behalf led a $5.3m Series A round in motorcycle on-demand company, Gokada. Gokada becomes only the third African (and Nigerian) startup that Rise Capital has invested in, after iROKOtv and PrepClass.

We bring to you images of Lagos Boats and how their line of business looks like and what Nigerians should be expecting from them.

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