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Senate okays fine of 5million naira for firms without conducive staff buses

The Nigerian Senate has approved a fine of N5 million against any company that fails to provide dignified means of transportation to employees.

Nigerian Tribune reports that the Senate Committee on Land Transport, chaired by Senator Olugbenga Ashafa, presented the report at the plenary on Tuesday, May 15.

Ashafa said any director that is accused of not providing dignified transportation for workers will also be fined with N200,000.

The committee chairman said that the fine for the corporate body was raised from N1 million to N5 million “to enhance safety measures for employees by their respective employees.”

“Offences under this bill shall be tried by the industrial court” while any case of victimization of an employee(s) should be reported to the Minister of Transportation.”

The Senate also considered other safety measures which made it mandatory for employers to acquire well-equipped vehicles with seat belts and “at least a 46-inch high rail or enclosure on the sides and back of the vehicle”.

“Vehicles for conveying employees must have lamps, brakes, horn, mirrors, windshield, turn signals and other safety equipment.

“Every truck-type bus must have seats with backrests and must be provided with a minimum of 18 inches seat space for each passenger. Where the sitting is face to face, the aisle between the seats facing each other shall be 24 inches wide at the narrowest point."

According to the Senate, all staff buses must be equipped with approved reflectors, fire extinguishers, carry a conspicuous mark on the outside of the number of passengers to be carried and shall not be allowed to carry more than the posted number.

The report said that all vehicles” must have exit door that can be opened outward from both the interior and exterior of the vehicle”, adding that those designed for the carriage of goods and animals be clearly marked “for goods only.

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