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Residents of Owutu-Ishawo In Ikorodu Cry Out As Flood Takes Over Their Houses - Photos

The rain is finally here and whether we like it or not, nature has to take its lawful place. Since the beginning of the week, there have been torrents of rain across the metropolis and the aftermath of the result the rain has not been good for Lagosians.

For example, people living in Owutu area of Ikorodu an urban area in the state are not finding the rain funny at all as the rain has destroyed their roads, drainages and they had to swim to get to their various destination even the Keke Napep, Okadas and Danfo are stuck as everywhere seem flooded.

In a post seen by AutoReportNG, one of the residents wrote a heartfelt letter to the incoming governor to save them at Ikorodu. According to him, We Residents of Agric, Owutu, Ishawo and its environs are appealing to Governor-elect, Babatunde Sanwolu to come to our aid, as a matter of urgency provide immediate palliative measures as soon as you take over while we pray for your pleasant transition. Unfortunately, this is the parting shots of agony Ambode is giving us. This is the aftermath of today's rain at Owutu-Ishawo road, Agric Ikorodu this morning, Monday 20, May 2019.

These are some of the images from the area...

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