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#TrashChallenge: More Youths, States Joining The Challenge - See The Lists

For the very first time in the history of Nigeria, if that word is correct, our youths seem to be coming together to form a formidable force and work together as a team. This is a signal that we are beginning to have youths who will take the future of Nigeria to the next level.

It's not every time we report negative stories about the youths, there are still some that are blazing the trail and keeping the game up!

The #TrashChallenge which started as a global challenge seems to put Nigerian Youths at the edge as they suddenly seem to be coming together! Lagos started the fire then Ibadan picked it up and then we have a small group of people in Abuja and then we have a two-man MolPol in Akwa, Anambra State, Kano State, and Kwara State. All these challenges have one thing in common, keeping the environment clean.

It is no news that Nigerians care less about their environment, irrespective of tribes and our locality, we all are guilty of this in one way or the other. It's only in Nigeria that you dispose of your items on the walkway despite seeing the trash bin very close to you. Our mentality to cleanliness as a nation is fast deteriorating and that's why this challenge seems to be a walk-up call to every.

The Ibadan people are fired up to do something new, this is despite some group of people who have done their cleaning at Agodi Gate in Ibadan last week, a group of people with some influencers alongside with The Beat FM and Naija FM Ibadan teamed up and they went to clean up Iwo Road, Ibadan. For those who know Iwo Road very well, its a place where anything goes, they are dirty and careless about their environment. These youths do not mind the dirtiness and they decided to clean up the surrounding, some even came from their office, some came during break period to be part of this challenge.

Anambra State

Kano State

Ibadan, Iwo Road

Ilorin, Kwara State

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