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See The First 3D Zebra Crossing in Nigeria (Photos and Video)

This is Lagos where anything goes such that drivers do not obey the traffic signs on the road, even those that are educated are guilty of this.

Daily, people are knocked down from moving cars, buses, danfo in Lagos just because the drivers are always in a hurry to obey the traffic lights. It gets so worse that even on Zebra Crossing, they still zoom off as no man business.

A Tech company in Lagos called 02AcademyLagos recently released a visual of the first 3D Zebra crossing in Nigeria! According to them, it is one of the works from the winning team at The Pitch April 2019. It provides a solution to the hit-and-run menace in Lagos State going beyond advertising to ACTvertising; influencing human behavior positively.

The concept was done in such a way that when the drivers see the painting from afar, they see a barrier, a blockade which makes them slow them but to the road users, it's just a flat, painted surface.

See the video below...

See some of the images extracted from the video 

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