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Police In UK Unveils Device That Detects Drivers That Use Phones When Driving

If the Federal and State law enforcement in Nigeria are asked to state their major challenges with drivers in Nigeria, we are sure phone calls, text-driving and browsing while driving will top their list.

While this is a global issue which has caused loss of lives and causes series of accidents for road users around the world, Police in the UK seem to have found a long lasting solution to this menace.

According to Bloomberg, Police have unveiled a new device which can detect when motorists are using their mobile phones while driving.

Hampshire and Thames Valley police forces are the first to use the new technology which can determine how many cars on a stretch of road have phones being used without hands-free kits.

When the device, created by technology firm Westcotec, spots a phone being used, it will flash a mobile phone symbol at the vehicle to advise the driver to stop using their mobile phone.

It can also enable police to identify hotspots where mobile phones are frequently used by motorists.

A spokesman for the two forces said: “The technology can detect when Bluetooth is being used but cannot detect if a passenger is using the phone, but the sign will still be activated reminding motorists of the distraction of a mobile phone whilst driving.”

The only disadvantage of this device is that It’s a Bluetooth detector... and all it detects is if the Bluetooth is activated.

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