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Meet Umar, A Self Taught Engineer Who Makes Bicycles From Borno

A popular ad once said, "There is a drop of greatness in every man". While many children are roaming the streets begging for money and thereby becoming a  nuisance to the environment, a young man named Umar from Borno State seems to be taking his destiny in his hands. Umar is an Almajiri but he has a focus to be an engineer. A self-taught engineer, he has been able to distinguish himself that hard work pays.

According to the images seen by AutoReportNG, the bicycles are made from local materials like pipes, straws and welded together before spraying and made to run.

Many have however suggested that sponsors find him and help promote and support his work as this what needs to be encouraged in the region that is just recovering from Boko Haram insurgents. Many have praised Umar's engineering skills and advice that the country stops importing bicycles and instead focus on building young ones like Umar, who can change the future.

See more of his works below...


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