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Is This The Best Police Station In Nigeria? - Photos

Nobody prays to be locked up in the police station, neither does anyone pray to visit them for any reason but at times, the police have to do their job in maintaining peace and order in the country.

The Nigerian Police have been rated below par in terms of work and office space. An average police station is unkempt, dirty and most of its apparatus either outdated or looted.

While we are still battling with Police reform and Police enlightenment due to the way and manner they behave, a local government chairman in Kaduna North, Hon Saleh Shuaibu seems to be thinking otherwise. He built a state of the art police station in Rafin Guza. According to reports, the police station was fully fitted with air conditions, the floor tiled and the edifice can be mistaken to be a bank or an executive suite.

AutoReportNG got some exclusives from one our readers who sent in the images and we can confirm its a state of the art as long as the police team are willing to maintain and replicate this gesture

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