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When Keke Napep Goes International, Debuts In UK As OLA Liverpool - Photos

We live in a country where we don't value what we have until someone takes it away from us or someone understudy and makes a meaningful brand of it.

Keke Napep has been part of our daily lives in Nigeria. Virtually all states in Nigeria make us of Keke NAPEP has their mode of transportation has Okada has been banned. A hailing company in UK, OLA, a company dedicated to cab services, rental etc have decided to do something unique with Keke Napep. Remember Keke Napep is made from India from Bajaj company, they signed an MOU with OLA to make use of the tricycles.

According to reports, Ola took over the streets of Liverpool to launch a fleet of Bajaj and Piaggio autorickshaws with an aim to overtake Uber as the region's top cab aggregator. Passengers were given free rides on the first day of the launch.

It should be noted that OLA is an Indian ride-hailing service based in the UK.

The India-based ride-hailing company Ola launched its Liverpool operations with a fleet of Bajaj and Piaggio auto rickshaws. The ride-sharing taxi app started off its promotional launch event in Merseyside County with drivers wearing neon-green jackets ferrying passengers in same coloured Bajaj and Piaggio "tuk-tuks" free of charge around Liverpool city centre.

Liverpool is the fifth city in the UK for Ola after the ride-hailing service was launched in August 2018 in Cardiff, expanding to Bristol, Bath and Exeter in the later part of 2018. Ola is planning on aggressive expansion to take on Uber, its biggest rival and market leader globally. Ola's strategy in the UK follows a different approach, focusing on driver empowerment. Ola says it will pay a larger share of the fares to its drivers compared to Uber, charging only 10% commission compared to 25% charged by its competitors. Ola will also be benefitted by being the only app that can be used by both black cabs and private hire vehicles. Ola black cabs do not peak, which means they will be cheaper when other private hire vehicles are in high demand.

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