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Volvo InterSection: A Futuristic Car That Connects You With New People

Call it the matchmaker and you won't be wrong, especially in a time when people are engrossed on their phones and tabs.

Imagine a scenario when you are home alone, bored and all your friends are either busy or out of state. To some, this can be very depressing especially to the hyperactive type. While we are all in this, someone somewhere is thinking of making life easy, meanwhile and stress-free with the help of Volvo Intersection.

Volvo InterSection is a futuristic, autonomous vehicle concept for the relationship between people in the future of New York. The concept was conducted based on the emotion of joy. As technology develops, the connectivity of people’s relationships to electronic devices and the Internet has increased, but the emotions and pleasures that can be gained through actual meeting are gradually disappearing.

Designed by Hanum Jeong and JungHyun Kim, Volvo InterSection concept car has integrated multiple features where almost anything can happen in autonomous vehicles. At first, it works just like tinder application, it connects people randomly in a certain area. But the Big Data and the interests and personality that you fill out in the app will make you connected to the person who would create great friendship/relationship with you. You and your companion will meet in Volvo InterSection with a modified interior that suits for hangout, whether it’s for watching a movie, playing games, or just hang out. Volvo InterSection will be able to give you the joy that comes from these meeting and activities.

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